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Plenty of online resources help you to travel cheaper and smarter; and while they offer travellers an immense service, there are times when you are faced with just too many options. Hence this article lists the very best traveller help sites under various genres, so you save time!

Travel Smarter and Cheaper, here are the BEST Online Resources

Best Online Sites to Browse When Looking for Travel Gear

AMAZON – There’s no doubt here, Amazon Prime does an amazing job of offering you variety when it comes to travel gear. The site is best for;

  • Suitcases & Day Packs
  • Travel guides
  • Socks and underwear
  • Packing cubes
  • Digital cameras
  • And those odd fascinating travel gadgets

But you know the golden rule, shop around and compare with other sites.

REI – This site is the premier location for all types of outdoor gear;

  • Backpacks
  • Shoes
  • Socks etc.

Check out the ‘REI Outlet’ which conducts some good sales on previous season gear.

ZAPPOS – Here you are treated to an unbeatable array of shoes. Bonus –  shipping is super-fast and returns are handled pretty well. Best for;

  • Shoes
  • Outdoor clothing 
  • Backpacks 

SIERRA TRADING POST – This site cannot beat the selection at REI, but well makes up for what it lacks in selection with some pretty good deals on all types of travel gear. There you will be treated to the occasional Backcountry promotions too, so keep tabs.

  • Basic outdoor gear

Best Online Sites for Travel Insurance 

WORLD NOMADS – The budget traveller’s favourite site for travel insurance, World Nomads have garnered some pretty impressive reviews from travellers. Here’s a list of covers offered;

  • Health
  • Trip cancellations
  • Theft
  • Car insurance and more

Signing up for your chosen travel insurance is a breeze with World Nomads.

Best Online Sites for Air Fare and Flights

you know there are loads of sites offering the ‘best deal’ in airfares and flights, but spending hours, weeding through sites, trying to save that $10 on airfare that costs $1000, is in truth a waste of your time and energy. Hence, listed below are booking sites classed as the best amongst the best, with a 95% chance of offering you the best deal! 

MOMONDO – This site lacking all that propaganda to promote it, is by far one of the best online resources for snagging the best deal in flights, especially international airfare and flights within Europe. Momondo gives you a few extra tools, helping to further refine your search.

SKY SCANNER – Tipped to be the best when booking tickets within Europe, Sky Scanner is another site guaranteed to offer you the best deals in airfare and flights.

KAYAK – Deserves a browse, the site still offers some pretty good deals when looking for cheap airfares and flights. The European sector especially is favoured with some good deals through Kayak, although the same discounts do not extend to intra-Europe air travel.

GOOGLE FLIGHTS – Google owns the software other flight booking sites are using, so, yes, Google Flights offer some excellent airfare deals, after all, they have to right? The site is pretty well managed and even gives you price options for flying into different airports across Europe – perfect if you are willing to backpack part the way and save on dollars.

Best Online Sites for Accommodation

AIRBNB – with the modern traveller choosing to shun conventional hotel stays, AIRBNB is ruling the roost! The great reviews prove this fact, besides you won’t find a better selection of accommodation options at your fingertips, anywhere else.

Hostel World– is the largest hostel booking site. Backpackers find the perfect hostel in almost every part of the world via this site. 

BOOKING.COM – Ok, for when you decide the comforts of a hotel are necessary, this site makes shortlisting and selecting the perfect hotel accommodation a breeze.

Best Sites for Travel Planning

WIKIVOYAGE – use this site for times you can’t make up your mind or simply feel stumped about your location, to even decide where to go. A crowdsource travel site, WikiVoyage is basically the Wikipedia of travelREDDIT – Whether its general travel, budget travel, asking European for info, mastering a shoe-string budget etc. Reddit’s got you covered!


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