PETA ‘Crocodiles’ to Storm Hermès Store

Near-Naked Models to Reveal the Painful Truth About the Exotic-Skins Industry

What: A trio of bikini-clad models wearing striking Venetian crocodile masks will descend on Sydney’s Hermès store and stand in front of the entrance to protest the label’s use of crocodile skins. During the first of a series of demonstrations to be held throughout Australia, the “crocodiles” will hold signs that say, “Animals Die for Exotic Skins”, “Cruelty to Crocs Unmasked”, and “Hermès: Bin Crocodile Skin”.

“For every bag, belt, or pair of boots made with the skin of a crocodile, a highly intelligent and sensitive animal was held captive, lived a horrible life, and endured unimaginable suffering before they were killed,” says PETA spokesperson Emily Rice. “Conservation experts also warn that the fashion industry’s use of skins from animals like crocodiles increases the risk that dangerous viruses will spread to humans. It’s time for Hermès to do the socially responsible thing and switch to vegan materials.”

Every PETA exposé of the exotic-skins industry has shown that no matter where skins are sourced from – or the “standards” touted by brands – highly intelligent, sensitive animals endure squalid imprisonment and a violent death for them. From the moment they hatch, farmed crocodiles are denied everything that’s natural and important to them, confined to small concrete pens, and unable to swim free. When they’re killed, their snouts are bound and they’re electrocuted or shot and then stabbed in the neck to sever their spinal cord. A reptile expert, commenting on investigation footage obtained on one farm, called conditions “overly-restrictive, under stimulating, and inhumane”.

Where: Outside Hermès, 155 King Street, Sydney 2000 

When: Thursday, 4 March, 11 am