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There’s something revealing about a light traveler. Someone who has done their miles and values the space in their luggage, not by how tightly they can fill it but by how much room they can spare. Aside from the bare essentials, there are certain gadgets that become essential for your trip; you will know how essential they are just by the fact they made it into your bag. In this piece, we will look at the best travel gadgets you should consider.

Phone tracking

Think about those you are leaving behind. You might spare some time to check in now and then yet it is easier if they can simply see where you are in the world. With GPS phone tracking your loved ones back home can use the tracker to pin down your location.

mSpy is a technologically sound and reliable GPS tracker to help you do just that. It also has handy software for parents to monitor social media platforms without having to scroll through everyone else’s updates. 

Travel adapters 

Who else has a drawer full of random plug shapes and wires? As with local currency, it can be quite easy to collect these when you return home. Instead of buying twelve to cover all destinations consider a simple few to meet your needs and ensure your electronic devices remain charged. 

The S-kross travel adapter is one such adaptable travel adapter.


Should you wish to go without the plug then there are power banks that are light, portable and travel-friendly. Charge it up before you go then use the solar panels to recharge, for groups and families a large power bank can recharge a full set of devices. These are usually for the outdoorsy types who enjoy camping and hiking yet fit the bill for travelers who go beyond the beaten track. If you are going to visit far-flung places without sight of a plug socket for days then a Powerbank may well be for you.


Most of us take free wifi for granted so if you are traveling to high altitudes or into jungles then consider GlocalMe. By using a mobile device like GlocalMe, you can have free affordable wifi almost anywhere on the planet meaning you’ll never be too far away to upload. Even halfway up a mountain.

Kindle Voyage & Kindle Unlimited

Books really do take up a lot of space and you are likely to get through more than one on a single trip. If you love reading while traveling then use Kindle Voyage & Kindle Unlimited for international travel so you can take your entire book collection with you. 

The bare Kindle Voyage is available for 189,99 € at Amazon.

Sea to Summit daypack

There are backpacks and there are daypacks. Picking the right one makes traveling so much easier for those necessities to get you through 24 hours. The Sea to Summit daypack folds compactly and when unfolded offers enough space for your trusted laptop, the odd water bottle, the map you cannot do without and more.  

Leatherman tool kit

If you see yourself as the next Ron Swanson/Bear Grylls then the Leatherman tool kit is a must. The multi-tool fits on a keychain with the random situations you may encounter while traveling in mind. At only 2.9 inches long and weighing in at 1.4 oz it won’t take much room and each of its eight different tools are fully compliant with current TSA regulations. 

Bluetooth speaker

Some travelers simply cannot bear to be without their choons and will know weedy speakers will not suffice. For big trips you need a high-quality, durable and, most importantly, compact Bluetooth speaker so you should be looking at Bose Bluetooth speakers. Tiny enough for hand luggage yet the sound quality is anything but tinny.

Sony RX100IV

For when you want to capture that sunrise yet don’t want to commit to a clunky, heavy lens then consider the Sony RX100IV. Compact for your bag and your pocket, it ticks all the boxes for travel photography. 


Talking of lenses, if you still want to zoom in then take a look at Olloclip which is a small mobile lense you can put onto your phone. Perfect if you just want to snap away without carrying a camera. 

VentureSafe by Pacsafe

Worried about taking your laptop? Don’t be, the Venturesafe by Pacsafe is lightweight, durable and secure, and will keep a 15-inch laptop secure from thieves. Ideal for long hikes, adventures abroad and as a handy carry-on. You can get the 45-liter version as a carry on backpack for all your travels.

Hanging sleeping bag

Why lie on the ground when you can hang? The Hanging sleeping bag is a sweet spot between a sleeping bag and hammock which packs away like a dream. 

AeroPress Coffee Maker

A good cup of coffee is an absolute must, especially when traveling. The AeroPress Coffee Maker only weighs 200g (7oz) yet contains all the kit you need for that essential caffeine boost. Easy to clear and it should fit into Outbreaker backpacks. 

DJI Osmo

Photos look great for The Gram but videos take memories of your trip to the next level. Being tiny but boasting full 4K and a 3 axis gimbal, the DJI Osmo is one of the best travel cameras out there.

DJI Phantom 3

Wanting to go further with your videos. How about the DJI Phantom 3 travel drone? Perfect for capturing your travel moments from a view even you cannot reach.


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